30 of the Best! is an upcoming UK/US/AUS DVD/VHS featuring thirty episodes. It is released on January 1st, 2018. It is narrated by Michael Brandon and Mark Moraghan.


  1. Bradford the Brake Van
  2. Not Now Charlie!
  3. No Help At All
  4. Henry Gets the Express
  5. Missing Gator
  6. Buzzy Bees
  7. Marion and the Dinosaurs
  8. Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Cars
  9. Engine of the Future
  10. The Christmas Coffeepot
  11. Over the Hill
  12. Philip to the Rescue
  13. Millie and the Volcano
  14. Pop Goes Thomas
  15. Reds vs. Blues
  16. Letters to Santa
  17. Pouty James
  18. The Railcar and the Coaches
  19. The Way She Does It
  20. Old Reliable Edward
  21. Percy and the Monster of Brendam
  22. Slow Stephen
  23. Blown Away
  24. The Missing Breakdown Train
  25. Three Steam Engines Gruff
  26. Hugo and the Airship
  27. Duck in the Water
  28. Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt
  29. Thomas the Quarry Engine
  30. Toby's New Friend


  • This video has the Season 8-10 opening, Engine Roll Call and credits.
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