A Cruel Day for BoCo and Edward is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Tales of the LNWR.


In July 2020, it was a busy day. Philip was shunting a goods train for Henry when he met a black "modern" tanker. The tanker claimed that his name was Cruel, and he said that the chatterbox looked out of date. He claimed that he was modern and new, and that the railway should be loaded with modern trains and rolling stock. BoCo came to stop the arguement, and told Philip not to talk to Cruel.

Later, BoCo had to take a goods train from Wellsworth to Brendam. Cruel told the trucks to "hold him back". The trucks agreed and when they reached Gordon''s Hill and the trucks pushed him down the hill and he crashed into James's goods train. Luckily, no severe injuries were made, but BoCo's front was badly dented. He had to go to the Dieselworks. Edward went to visit him.

Later that night, Duck was passing by the works, and told Edward and BoCo about the time when Oliver ripped S.C.Ruffey, a troublesome truck, in half in 1967 to teach him a lesson for causing trouble for him. Edward told his crew this, and wanted to do the same thing as Oliver did. They agreed, and the next day, while Philip was shunting Edward's goods train, Edward's crew put sand on the rails, and he backed up in front of Cruel, who told the trucks to hold him back. Edward struggled at first, but managed to move. Cruel couldn't handle it anymore, and he fell apart, just like SC.Ruffey.

Sir Topham Hatt IV asked Edward if he was testing his strength, and Edward replied no. Sir Topham Hatt looked at Cruel, and states that he was just rotten metal, and decided to put him in the Coal Mines as a punishment. Curel protested, saying that he was a private tanker owned by a businessman, but Hatt did so anyway. Now the engines on the Wellsworth Branch Line worked harder.


In order of important roles



  • George Ignatchenko as Edward, Cruel, Philip, Duck and Thomas.
  • David Hodgin as BoCo
  • Andrew Homer as James
  • Thomas 'Edward' Henry as Sir Topham Hatt IV
  • Michael Angelis as Percy and some trucks (archive recording)
  • George Carlin as S.C.Ruffey and some trucks (archive recording)
  • Willie Ruston as some trucks (archive recording)


  • The plot is similar to T1E2H3's 'A Wretched Day for Henry and James' and Rev W. Awdry's 'Toad Stands By'.
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