(Thomas puffs into view, chuffing very fast towards Gordon's hill)

Thomas: Whoo-hoo! (Echoes)

(The camera freezes, turns around Thomas, and it starts again. Thomas lands on the tracks again round a corner)

Thomas: Don't you love it when kids play with toys? I do. And some toys have a pull-string voice box, like my friend Woody has. Or had. But I'm going to make him feel better. (Toot toot) All aboard for a big adventure!

Thomas: (Narrating) A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.

Bo Peep: Phew. Boy. What a day of giving prizes to kids.

B​​​​​​unny: I know.

Ducky: I am so shattered. My feet are burning like hell.

(Then, Bunny, Ducky and Bo Peep hear sighing. They see Woody looking sad)

Bo Peep: Woody?

(Bo Peep walks over and sits next to Woody)

Bo Peep: What's the matter? You didn't feel yourself today. Is there something bothering you?

Woody: (Sighs) Yeah.

Bo Peep: What is it?

(Woody pauses for a little bit and responds to Bo)

Woody: It's.... my pull string.

Ducky: That thing?

Bunny: You mean the thing that goes, "there's a snake in my legs".

Duke Caboom: It's boot, you idiot.

(An engine whistle is heard)

Thomas: Hey, guys. How did the prize giving to the kids go?

Bunny: Oh. It went great, Thomas.

Ducky: Toy dogs, toy cats, toy rabbits....

(Thomas notices Woody looking sad)

Thomas: Woody?

Woody: Hey, Thomas.

Thomas: Is something wrong?

Woody: Yes, there is. (He turns around to reveal his stitched back)

Thomas: What the? What's wrong with that?

Bo Peep: Well, you see.... Woody just wanted to get Forky back to Bonnie. And you see... this doll called Gabby Gabby took Woody's pull-string voice box.

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