A Job At The Steamworks is the fifth episode of season 1 and of Tales of the LNWR overall. It will be released in July 2020.


In Februray 2017, Rosie was asked by Sir Topham Hatt IV to be the subsitute for the steamworks while Victor was visiting the Skarloey Railway. Rosie accepted and went to the steamworks. Percy was waiting at the steamworks for someone to come to fix him up. Just then, Rosie came to the steamworks, surprising Percy very much. She said that she was to be the subsitue engine for Victor while he was away. Just then, a large group of engines come. Percy was waiting to have a new coat of paint applied, Edward had his broken boiler, and there were also trucks being repaired.

Next, Thomas arrived with a pipe blockage problem, and he said that he had to take a very important passenger from Crovan's Gate to Vicarstown for a VIP meeting. Rosie knew that there was no room and no time to fix Thomas, but Rosie was determined to be the best, so she agreed to fix Thomas too. By now, the steamworks was packed with engines. Rosie ordered Thomas to chuff backwards, but his blocked valves shot soot all over Sir 'Topham Hatt's car as he returned to check on Thomas. Rosie was so shocked that she puffed quickly backwards, only to be covered in rosy-red paint. Sir Topham Hatt was cross with Rosie, and so was Victor, but Rosie apoligised and said that she wanted to quit, then she replied that she had an idea. Later, Rosie came back in a new red livery, surprising Thomas and Emily, leading to "The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor"...


In order of important roles



  • George Ignatchenko as Thomas, Kevin, Percy and James
  • Thomas 'Edward' Henry as Victor and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Liz Productions as Rosie and Emily


  • This is the first time in the series that the Skarloey Railway has been mentioned.
  • It is the first time Percy is voiced by George Ignatchenko. He will carry on the role.
  • At the end, James says "Wha?".
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