A Night At Ffarquhar is the third episode of season 1 and of Tales of the LNWR overall. It will be released in May 2020.


One day, Philip was shunting trucks in the yards when suddenly, his carelessness destroyed Wellsworth Sheds. Sir Topham Hatt told him off, and sent Edward and BoCo to sleep at Vicarstown Sheds to keep Henry and Rosie and Philip to sleep at Ffarquhar Sheds.

Philip raced to the sheds quickly and oiled quickly into the spare berth. Thomas and Percy greeted Philip with great enthusiasm. Thomas told Philip that he needed to be quiet as he dozed off. As Percy left for his night-mail train, Philip carried on talking about his race with Gordon in 2015. Thomas sarcastically hip-hoorayed him, and told him to go to sleep. But Philip just carried on talking. Meanwhile, Edward, BoCo, Henry and Rosie were chatting together.

The next morning, Thomas was so tired that he accidentally shunted Annie and Clarabel in Platform 1 and Express coaches for Stanley. Thomas was causing confusion and delay for the other engines. Sir Topham Hatt came and asked Thomas what was wrong. Thomas told him everything. The Fat Controller then went to Edward to tell Philip off for him, because Edward was better at handling him. Edward went to Philip and said that the other engines needed their sleep, and that he should be more quiet. Philip apoligised.

That night, Thomas was expecting chatter from Philip, but surprisingly, Philip was fast asleep. It was quiet the whole night.


In order of important roles



  • George Ignatchenko as Thomas, Edward, Philip and Stanley
  • Thomas 'Edward' Henry as Gordon, Percy and Sir Topham Hatt IV
  • Victor Tanzig as BoCo
  • Matteo as Henry
  • Liz Productions as Rosie


  • Victor Tanzig, creator of 'The Stories of Sodor', and Liz Productions joins the voice cast as BoCo and Rosie.
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