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"Today I’d like to introduce you to a very cool friend of mine, Ace! Ace is from the other side of the world, Australia! Ace is a super-cool, super-fast racing car! I first met Ace when he came to Sodor. He was about to start a cross-country rally around the world! It was Ace who encouraged me to go on my big adventure! Ace can do all sorts of exciting things, like jumps, and spinning around in a circle. Ace loves to race, and is a free spirit. He won’t let anything get between him and the open road… unless if it’s a little orange monkey. I hope that one day, Ace shows me around Australia!" - Thomas talks about Ace in Meet the Characters!


Ace is a rally car, who can be a bit full of himself. He thinks he is cool and clever too and expects the admiration and support of everyone around him. If it is not about him, he is not likely to be interested. Ace is a thrill seeker, who lives for speed and loves to drive dangerously - ironically, though, he has a phobia of both animals and water. He is a rather manipulative, as shown when he convinced Thomas to ditch Nia


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