“Phewey! You're the stinkiest steamie I've ever smelled!"
"I may be stinky, but I'm being really useful! Bye, Diesel!"
"Huh! Useful!”
―Diesel trying to tease Adam

Adam and the Rubbish Train, retitled Adam and the Garbage Train for North American releases, is the ??? episode of the ??? series.


Adam puffs into the docks where the Fat Controller tells him to be a back engine for Whiff's long rubbish train destined for the dump. Adam is happy to help his friend. Just as Adam rolls up to the train, Diesel rattles by. He teases Adam by saying that pushing the rubbish train will make him a smelly engine. Adam dismisses Diesel's jibe and he and Whiff set off.

At Maron, Adam and Whiff have to wait for a signal. On the platform, Adam is surprised to see the Duchess of Boxford looking sad. She explains that she wants to go to tea with Lady Hatt, but Spencer is busy with the Duke. Adam offers to take her after finishing his jobs. He tells her to go and wait for him at Wellsworth. The Duchess happily wanders away, leaving Adam delighted with his very important job. Then Diesel's words echo in Adam's mind. Adam thinks that the Duchess will not want him to take her to tea with Lady Hatt if he smells of rubbish. The signal drops and Adam and Whiff set off once again.

Whiff and Adam soon arrive at a junction where one track leads to a branch line. Adam has an idea. He decides to chuff down the branch line and meet back up with Whiff at the next junction. This way, Adam does not have to be with the rubbish for so long. The signal changes and as Whiff continues along the main line, Adam switches onto the branch line where he passes a meadow of flowers. Adam rejoins Whiff at the next junction as planned. Whiff does not notice that Adam has not been there, but is starting to show fatigue from the train's heavy load. BoCo grandly pulls up next to Adam and remarks that both he and Whiff are really smelly. Adam, who is feeling very embarrassed, decides he must find another track to get away from the rubbish. At the next junction, Adam switches onto the coastal line and puffs alongside the sea. Adam buffers back up to the rubbish train at the next junction. By now, the heavy rubbish train is taking its toll on poor Whiff. Suddenly, Edward whooshes by. He remarks that Adam is a stinky engine which makes Adam blush with embarrassment and become very worried. So, at the next junction, Adam diverts himself onto the track which passes the bakery.

At Wellsworth, the Duchess is waiting for Adam who is running late. Adam rounds the bend into Wellsworth and does not see an exhausted Whiff standing at the platform until it is too late. Adam collides with the rubbish trucks making them topple off the tracks, sending smelly rubbish and oily engine parts everywhere. The Duchess is shocked and asks Adam if he is all right. Adam is fine and confesses to being a very silly engine and at one point Adam is embarrassed about his accident. Then Adam has an idea. He asks the Duchess to travel to Lady Hatt with Whiff while he fetches Rocky to help clear up the mess. The Duchess thinks this is a very good idea and Whiff feels honoured to have such an important passenger.

Later, Rocky has picked up all the rubbish and put it back into the trucks. Adam huffs to the rubbish dump with his very heavy and smelly load. On the way, he meets up with Diesel who calls Adam stinky again. Adam admits that he may be stinky, but he is being really useful. Diesel just scoffs.

On the way back from the rubbish dump, Adam meets Whiff, the Duchess and Lady Hatt at the level crossing. The Duchess cheers for all of the very useful engines on Sodor.







  • Whiff gains a new voice in the UK dub.
  • In the UK narration, when he sees Thomas for the second time, Diesel says "Huh! Useful!" while in the US narration, he simply scoffs.
  • To date, this is the first and only appearance of Tidmouth Beach and the lighthouse in CGI and it's final appearance to date.
  • This is the only sixteenth series episode to have a different title for the US and UK.
  • This episode marks the Duchess of Boxford's first speaking role since Hero of the Rails as well as her first speaking role in an episode.
  • This episode has similarities to the eleventh series episode, Emily and the Garbage.
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