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Peter Molyneux (23rd August 1954) is a business man, and the last owner of Molyneux Games until it was forced to close down in 2025. He will be the main villian in Tales of the LNWR finale and the series overall.


Albert was born on 23rd August 1954 to Guru Larry Sr. (1923-1987) and Female Guru Larry Sr. (1925-1990). He was a clever student in his class, and easily went on to get a job as an engine driver. He drove George until he retired in 1985 due to a bad leg.

On 3rd of May 1987, at 9:31 a.m., a few hours after his father's suicide, Albert said to the press, "Please, Topham, if yer watching this, please accept me! I will be a better man!" Unsurprisingly, Guru Larry III declined this offer. This absense would last until 2002, two years before Guru Larry III's official retirement.

The fuel on Sodor was surprisingly unreliable, causing diesels to break down. On 6th March 2002 newspaper, Peter Molyneux said to the papers, "Please, accept my company. I promise, and swearingly promise, that I will definately be a better man than my father. You can trust 'Molyneux Games; again."

Since Guru Larry III couldn't find any other reliable fuel company on Sodor, he decided to 'wipe the state clean' and start from the beginning, and he accepted to use 'Molyneux Games' until his retirement in 2004, and the partner-ship stayed through Guru Larry IV's control, and when Guru Larry V came into power.

Guru Larry V, however, was a suspicious man and knew something was up. He made a visit to the other Games companies and noticed that the real fuel had been tampered with ashes during the nights. Guru Larry V then cut all ties with 'Molyneux Games' in 2025, making Albert furious. He swore to prove his innocence in court. Then, on 7th of July 2025, he was found dead. It was revealed that he had died of a stroke, although Topham V thought that he had comitted suicide.

On 8th of April 2024, Guru Larry IV and V were onboard Thomas in Henry's Forest, and then Diesel 20 halted them, and Beggings walked out of the bushes. It was then revealed that Peter Molyneux was still alive, and that he faked his own death so that he could cause trouble for the LNWR. Also, he revealed that he was the mastermind of the engine hijack in 2025. It was also revealed that he was the original owner of Diesel 10 and Diesel 20 and Cranky.


Peter Molyneux is a maniac, although he tried to cover it up with innocence.


Tales of the LNWR

Season 1 (TOTLNWR)

  • Troubles on the Rails (cameo)

Season 13 (TOTLNWR)

  • Coincidence, I Think Not! (flashback, does not speak)
  • Beginning of the Dark Times (does not appear on screen, not reffered to by name)


Tales of the LNWR finale
  • Who Is The Sabateur?
  • The Grand Showdown


  • Peter Molyneux was loosly inspired by Thomas1Edward2Henry3's character of Phil Bogginston, with similarites of characterzation.