Alfred, named 98462, was a B12 Tender Engine who worked on the North Western Railway.


The Railway Series

In 1923, two rude blue engines only known by their numbers - one was 98462 and the other 87546 (then named Crovan) - were sent to the North Western Railway on trial. They were horrid engines and were very spiteful and mean to poor Edward, so the Fat Director decided to send them away.

The two engines stayed at Vicarstown Sheds during their visit where they, along with Gordon, Henry, Raven and Eagle, notably teased Edward for being small.


According to Wilbert Awdry, Alfred first came to Sodor, he was horrid, rude engines who were very mean and spiteful to the others. They especially loved teasing Edward and henry. However, the Fat Controller felt she deserved another chance after he returned to Sodor. Crovan is now good friends with the other engines on his Branch Line after he helped Crovan, he tries to work much harder to be a Really Useful Engine and is better capable of handling things alone. Alfred can be described as a self-obsessed diva and also vain about

Technical Details


The official basis of Alfred is not known, as the few pictures of him in The Three Railway Engines are not clear. However, many (including T1E2H3) agree that he is most likely based on the Great Eastern Railway Class S69 4-6-0, later known as the London & North Eastern Railway Class B12, originally designed by S.D. Holden with 71 built between 1911 and 1921. Only one survivor of the class, No. 8752, is preserved today and can be seen operating on the North Norfolk Railway.


In the first illustration of "Edward's Day Out", 87546 and 98462 are painted blue, similar to NWR bright blue, with yellow lining. In the second illustration, 98462 has red lining.


The Railway Series

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