All Aboard for Global Goals is a series of videos focusing on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals released for Big World! Big Adventures! and Series 22. They are narrated by Mark Moraghan and either John Hasler (UK) or Joseph May (US) as Thomas.

Thomas' Narrations

Goal #4 - Quality Education

"Today, I want to talk about the importance of education. Education is learning something new. You can learn things anywhere, but a school is a special place where children go to, to be taught by grown-ups called teachers. Schools are great because you can learn things, and make new friends! Lots of boys and girls get the chance to get an education, which is great! But unfortunately, not all children are able to go to school. In some places, families can only afford to send some of their children to school, and sometimes they choose to send boys instead of girls. Other times, children can't go to school because schools are too far away, or because where the weather has damaged the roads, or there's fighting going on where they live. This is very sad, because they may not get the chance to learn the same things as other children. And getting an education can set you, your family and your community on the rails to a brighter future! I've been lucky enough to have had some great teachers, and I've learned a lot working on the railway. I have also learned a lot from the engines I have met when I went travelling around the world!"

Goal #5 - Gender Equality

"Today, I want to talk about how boys and girls should be given the same chance. Some people think that girls can't do the same jobs as boys, and treat girls as if they are weak. But I've seen that this isn't true. I've been on a world adventure, and seen all sorts of engines and people doing different types of work. Gordon is one of the biggest and strongest engines on Sodor, but he's not the only one that can pull the Express! Rebecca's just as big and strong as he is, and they're great friends! Mavis works at the quarry pulling trucks of heavy stone. Paxton is really good at that, too! On Sodor, Belle and Flynn work well together, putting out fires! And I used to think I was the only number 1 blue tank engine, until I met Hong-Mei! If girls and boys aren't given the same opportunities, then they may not get the chance to do something they are good at, and that's not fair. But when boys and girls work as equals, they can be the best they can be, and do amazing things!"

Goal #6 - Clean Water

"Today, I want to talk about the importance of water. We all need water every day, and water is used for all sorts of things. Water is important for transport. Boats travel on water, and when I was in China, I saw a water wheel being delivered to a village by water. Steam engines need water to go, too! Water is heated up to make steam, which then pumps our pistons. Engines need water to wash with, just like animals and people. In lots of places, we get clean water from taps. One of the main uses for water is for drinking. It's really important that people and animals only drink clean, safe water, so they don't get sick. And lots of animals live in water. It's their home, so it's really important that we help to keep oceans and rivers clean, by not putting garbage in them. If water is dirty, then it's not safe enough for fish to live in, so there may not be enough fish to eat, and fishermen can lose their jobs. We also can't go swimming in dirty water, as it can make us sick. Most of the water that we use comes from rainfall. Farmers use this water to help plants grow, and also given to animals to drink. But sometimes, it doesn't rain for a long time, so there isn't enough water. This is called a drought. In some countries, droughts and dirty water mean that people have to travel a long way to get clean water. So remember, water is very important. It can run out, so it shouldn't be wasted. Just use the water you need, and help to keep rivers and oceans clean!"

Goal #11 - Sustainable Cities

"Today, I want to talk about living in cities. There are now over 7 billion people in the world. That's a lot of people! Half of them live in cities. A city is a large town with lots of buildings, where people work and live. Some people don't like living in cities. The air there isn't as clean as in the countryside, because of cars and factories which pollute the air. In other ways, cities are great! There's lots to do, and offer more jobs than in the countryside. So how can we make cities even better places to live? Everyone in a city should have a safe and comfortable place to live. Cities need good transport networks, to help people get from their homes to school and work. I prefer the train! If more people use public transport than cars, it will help cut down pollution, which helps to keep the air cleaner. People need green places to enjoy, public places like parks to play in. Some cities have old buildings, like castles, which are great fun to explore. They have lots of interesting history, so we should look after them. If you visit a city, or if you live in one with your family, and you're making a journey, think about leaving the car behind, and taking public transport, such as a train!"

Goal #12 - Sustainable Consumption

"Today, I want to talk about reusing and recycling. Humans produce more and more garbage every year. Some of it has to be buried in the ground, but some of it ends up in our oceans. That's not good for our planet, and harms animals! There are lots of ways we can reduce our waste. Sometimes, it can be as simple as only taking what you need, rather than taking too much, or we can get things we are able to use many times. This is called reusing. So, before you throw something away, it's important to think about whether you can give it to someone else, or reuse it yourself! Broken things can be repaired and used again. If they can't be repaired, some things can be recycled. Recycle means turning something you've used into something that is useful. For example, metal cans can be melted down and made into new cans. The same can be done with some plastics and glass. Paper is made from trees. Recycling paper helps to save trees. Using less paper is even better for the planet. Reg works at the scrapyard. He's very good at knowing if waste can be reused or recycled. Sometimes, when something is broken and can't be repaired, Reg recycles it! Once, he even made a Christmas tree from scrap! If something does need to be thrown away, it's important to make sure it's done properly. As Monty and Max learned, if you don't, it can cause problems! What they should have done is take their rubbish to the Waste Dump. Whiff and Scruff work hard to make sure everything that can't be recycled is disposed of properly and safely. So remember, don't take something if you don't need it, and make sure you only throw things away if they can't be reused, repaired or recycled. Don't drop litter like Max and Monty! Recycle like Reg!"

Goal #15 - Life on Land

"Today, I want to talk about why we need to look after our forests. A forest is an area of land where lots and lots of trees grow. Forests cover one-third of all the land on Earth. Nearly all the insects, plants and animals on Earth live in forests, so forests are really important, because they are their home. When I visited China, I travelled through a bamboo forest, and I was really lucky to see a panda in the wild! When I went to India, I saw monkeys in the coconut trees. And in Australia, I saw all kinds of wonderful wildlife. I learned that any litter we leave behind can harm animals. So if you get a chance to visit a forest, remember to leave it clean and tidy, and keep a lookout for animals!"


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