All at Sea is an upcoming custom version.

​​Begining Quotes

Today on the Island of Sodor, Salty wants to travel in hot water, Toad spots a beached whale, we meet Thomas' favorite engines with Salty and Den is sent to work at the Ffarquhar Quarry but first Salty has go travel to the mainland by sea.


  1. Salty All At Sea
  2. Toad and the Whale
  3. Den and Dart

​Segments and Songs

  • Are the Engines Happy or Sad? (From Happy and Sad and Hopes and Dreams)
  • Down by the Docks (Season 19 song)
  • Thomas' Favorite Engines - Salty (Salty All At Sea and Away From the Sea)
  • Being Repainted (From Variety)
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