An Accident is an upcoming episode.


Harvey was lifting some tar tankers back on the tracks and he derailed off the tracks and Oliver blocked the way and Rocky lifted Harvey back on the rails.


  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Oliver
  • Harvey
  • Stanley
  • Ryan
  • Salty
  • Winston
  • Judy and Jerome
  • Jack
  • Alfie
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Thomas (narration only; end segment)
  • Annie and Clarabel (end segment)
  • Porter (cameo)
  • Timothy (cameo)
  • Philip (cameo)
  • Stafford (cameo)
  • Rocky (cameo)
  • Max and Monty (cameo)
  • Captain (cameo)
  • Darcy (cameo)
  • Cranky (cameo)
  • Carly (cameo)
  • Big Mickey (cameo)
  • Henry (stock footage cameo)
  • Belle (stock footage cameo)
  • Flynn (stock footage cameo)
  • Butch (stock footage cameo)
  • Harold (stock footage cameo)


  • At the end of the episode, Thomas mentions the events from the nineteenth series episode, Rocky Rescue, stock footage from the said episode is also used.
  • This episode marks Winston's first speaking role since the nineteenth season episode, Henry Spots Trouble.
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