(The scene fades to Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Johnny and Emilia puffing down the line)

Narrator: Later, all of the engines were heading back to the Russian Docks. They were all heading for Sodor. Nia wanted to wheesh and whoosh back to the docks.

Nia: Hurry, guys! I know my way by now.

(Tasha's whistle is heard)

(Tasha puffs up to Thomas)

Tasha: Hey, Thomas.

Thomas: Oh. He he. Hi, Tasha.

Narrator: Then, Thomas slowed down. He wanted to tell his new friend, Tasha, all about his adventures. And now he fell in love with Ashima. But, Nia and her parents didn't know.

Tasha: Who may that pink engine be?

Thomas: Oh. Tasha. This is my girlfriend, Ashima.

Ashima: Hi.

Tasha: You have a girlfriend? That's cute. I would never have thought that a Sodor engine like you would have fallen in love with another engine.

Narrator: Then, Thomas looked behind Tasha. Cleo was gone.

Thomas: Um. Tasha? Where's Cleo?

Tasha: Oh. She's resting in the yard. But, I want to know what adventures you've had in your life.

Ashima: Yeah, Thomas. You never told me all of your adventures.

Thomas: Okay, girls. Hold your horses.

(Julia chuckles)

Thomas: What are you laughing at?

Julia: Nothing.

Narrator: Thomas was excited. He puffed again along the line telling Ashima, Tasha and Julia all about his adventures.

(The scene fades to Nia in the Soviet Union village)

Narrator: But, meanwhile at the Soviet Union village, Nia was so confident to get back to Sodor. Then, there was trouble.

Emilia: Nia! Watch out!

Nia: For what? (Looking ahead) (gasps) The gap!

Narrator: Nia applied her brakes on approach to the gap. But, it was too late. Nia was half on and half off the edge of the gap she fell off years ago. She tried to stay put.

Nia: Help!

(The scene cuts to Thomas, Ashima and Tasha)

Thomas: And then.... the magnet let go and I almost fell into the lava pot, but fortunately, I was knocked away from it and.... (gets cut off)

Nia: (faintly) Help! (Toots) Help!

Thomas: (gasps) Nia. (Toots) (Puffs off)

Narrator: And Thomas raced away to get to Nia before she fell off the edge.

Tasha: Wait for us, Thomas!

(Ashima and Tasha puff after Thomas)

(The scene cuts to the Soviet Union Village)

Johnny: Don't worry, Nia.

Emilia: You can hang in there.

(Thomas's whistle is heard)

Emilia: That sounds like Thomas.

Thomas: Nia! Hold on!

Narrator: Thomas screeched to a stop before Nia. He made a decision.

Thomas: Nia? Stay still as you can. Julia is going to attach a chain between you and me. Okay?

Nia: (gulps) Yes, T-T-Thomas.

Narrator: So, Julia attached a chain between Thomas and a scared Nia. Being a MerseyGirls member was hard for her to help. But not for a brave Thomas. Ashima and Tasha arrived just in time. Oh and Tip watched from Ashima's cab. Thomas tugged and he chugged. Then, with a huff and a puff, Thomas pulled his friend away from the edge and to safety.

(Thomas grunts and then lets out a final grunt when pulling Nia to safety)

(Thomas pants)

Thomas: Nia! Y.... you're safe! (Laughs)

(Nia pants)

Narrator: Thomas had rescued Nia from the same fate she had before. She was very happy.

Nia: Thank you, Thomas. Thank you so much.

Johnny: Oh, Thomas.

Emilia: Thomas, you're our hero. You rescued our daughter.

Johnny: We couldn't have thanked you enough.

Thomas: Ohh. It was nothing.

Tasha: Yeah, Thomas!

(Tasha, Ashima, Emilia and Johnny whistle)

Oh: Yes, Tank Top!

Tip: You got it!

Julia: Well done, Thomas. You made the right decision to help Nia. You really are a Really Useful Engine and I couldn't have asked for a better friend like you.

Narrator: Thomas was happy. His MerseyGirls friend was right. He HAD made the right decision. He beamed from ear to ear.

(The scene fades to Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Johnny and Emilia on the ship together)

Narrator: That night, the engines were far out to sea. Thomas was so happy that he rescued Nia.

(Happy tears flow down Thomas's face)

(Ashima chuckles)

Ashima: I can see that you're happy, Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah. I really am.

(Ashima comes closer to Thomas. She then pressed on his buffers and then her and Thomas press on each other's lips and both of them share a kiss. They then let go of each other softly)

Narrator: Thomas felt even more special than before. He loved

Ashima: I missed you back on Sodor you know, Thomas.

Thomas: (sighs) I can tell. We haven't shared a kiss for a while.

Julia: Hey. Thomas? I'm proud of you. Being a member of the MerseyGirls, I couldn't be more prouder of my friend.

(Thomas chuckles)

(Ashima kisses Thomas on the cheek)

Narrator: Thomas smiled. He couldn't wait to get back to Sodor.

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