(Ashima was waiting excitedly for the arrival, because she had been to Sodor before, and she was extremely curious about a particular engine from that island. The train of questions racing through her head were derailed when a ship pulling into the port blasted its fog horn. Ashima was alarmed by the amount of flames and smoke rising from the left bow side of the ship. A few minutes later a giant crane swung its arm over to the top of the ship and she heard a commotion on board said ship)

Man: Be careful!, WOAH!

(About 5 minutes later the crane began lowering the engine down onto the track in front of her. Ashima wanted to be surprised, so she closed her eyes and waited for the engine to talk to her. The engine's crew blew his whistle time...)

(Ashima's boiler nearly burst when she heard that whistle)

???: Did I scare you?

(Ashima gasps)

Ashima: T...T...T...---


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