(Thomas puffs into view, chuffing very fast towards Gordon's hill)

Thomas: Whoo-hoo! (Echoes)

(The camera freezes, turns around Thomas, and it starts again. Thomas lands on the tracks again round a corner)

Thomas: I have a lot of friends on Sodor. But, one of my friends actually suffers from short-term memory loss. And I bet you know who that is, don't you? (Toot toot) All aboard for a big adventure.

Thomas (narrating): An Unforgettable Life.

Dory: Do do do do do do do. Whoo-hoo.

Marlin: Okay, Dory. I know you're excited for another day. Just don't mess anything up like what you did 5 days ago.

Dory: Yup. That's true. I don't wanna make Hank upset again.

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