(Audience cheers and applauses)

  1. Saturday #

(The scene goes through the logo)

(The scene shows Stephen Mulhern in the announcer box at the Great Railway show)

Stephen Mulhern: Welcome back to Saturday Night Takeaway. Now.... you may ask, "Where is Ant and Dec?" Well, guess what? They are down below me because this.... is Ant vs Dec Challenge 4.

Audience: Oooh.

Stephen Mulhern: And we're about to start off the penultimate challenge with a game called..... The Shunting Challenge!

(Audience cheers and applauses)

(A part of Alsosparkzarathustra - Sunrise plays)

(The scene flows down to Ant and Dec as Nilgiri Railway Engines)

Stephen Mulhern: Look at Ant and Dec. Nilgiri Tank Engines. The same model basis as Ashima. And they are so hot.

(The audience including Ashima bursts into laughter)

Ant: You are so dead. You are so dead, mother.

Stephen Mulhern: (Singsong) There's nothing you can do to me. I can do anything to you....

Dec: No, you can't.

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