(The scene shows Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Stephen Mulhern and the Place on the Plane winners on a plane)

Thomas: Oh. I can't wait to get to the last show.

Nia: I know. It's gonna be awesome. (She looks at Stephen) What's the matter, Stephen?

Stephen Mulhern: It's just.... Thomas's other friends Pingu, Lightning McQueen and the Teletubbies didn't get a Place on the Plane.

(Audience: Aww.)

Ashima: Stephen, it's not that bad.

Thomas: The others are probably having fun back in their homes.

Nia: Yeah. Thomas is right, Stephen.

(Stephen thinks for a moment)

Stephen Mulhern: Nia?

Nia: Yes, Stephen?

Stephen Mulhern: Do you know how Thomas and Ashima are love interests?

Nia: Yes. I do. Why are you asking that?

Stephen Mulhern: Because.... I have one question to ask you. (He touches Nia's hands)

(Ant and Dec walk in to the plane)

Ant: What are you doing, Stephen?

Stephen Mulhern: Will you.... be my girlfriend?

(Audience: Ahhh.)

(Thomas, Ashima, Ant and Dec gasp in shock)

Nia: Oh, Stephen.... of course I will.

((Audience cheer and applause))

(Stephen and Nia embrace)

Thomas: That's so sweet.

Dec: Well, come on then. Let's head to the show!

(Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Ant, Dec, Stephen and the Place on the Plane winners head out of the plane)

(The doors and windows close leaving it pitch black. A figure (who turns out to be Adam Parke) is seen in the dark looking nervous. His eyes are seen)

Adam Parke: Hello? Hello? Anybody there? (Whimpers) R...r...roll the titles.

(Audience cheers)

(The scene cuts to scenes showing people winning a Place on the Plane leading up to them all flying to Florida)

I just can't wait till Saturday (oh, yay, yay)
I just can't wait till Saturday
I can't wait for

(The logo is shown. The camera zooms in towards the logo. Nia, Ant and Dec are shown in a place in Universal Islands of Adventure)

Ant: Wow. What a place.

Dec: What a perfect location for the finale of the series.

Nia: Ant? Dec? Even if we're far away from home, there's a little something that we are.

Ant: What?

Dec: What's that "thing" we are? Partners?

Ant: Teammates?

Nia: No. Friends.

Ant: Ahh. Why didn't I say that before?

Dec: You know? That reminds me of a little sing along.

Ant: Yeah. Let's do a song. Shall we?

Nia: Yeah. Let's do it.

(Ant, Dec and Nia run off. They start walking off. The audience claps along to the song) Ant and Dec: Anywhere you go
We really wanna go with you
Nia: Anything you do
I'll be there to help you too
Let's stick together. We are stronger as two
Let's stick together. That's what good friends do

Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Ant and Dec: We're friends
We're friends
We're friends
We're friends
We're friends

Hey, hey, ole
Hey, hey, ole
Hey, hey, ole
Hey, hey, ole
Ole (X4)

(Ant, Dec, Thomas, Ashima, Nia and Stephen enter the stage)

Dec: Welcome to the finale of Saturday Night Takeaway two thousand and twenty. A massive hello to all the people who have made it to our show. And remember, wherever you are even if you are far away from home....

(As the last verse of the song is played, people dressed up as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Spider Man dance along to the song)

Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Ant, Dec, Stephen and Scarlett: We're friends
We're friends
We're friends
We're friends
We're friends
We're friends
We're friends
We're friends
We're friends!

(Audience cheers and applauses)

Ant: Wow! We're here!

Dec: We are here! Hello and welcome to your Saturday Night Takeaway. Live from LEGOLAND Resort.... in Florida!

(Audience cheers and applauses)

Dec: Where we have just sung a song from a girl.

(Audience laughs)

Ant: But... I am so excited to get on with the show. The whole series has been the best up until the end.

Dec: It certainly has. And this is definitely gonna be the biggest ever finale that we have done on the only show on your telly that says "don't just watch the adverts...."

Audience: Win them!!

Ant: Oh, you're miles away from the UK, but you've still got it. (Audience laughs) Coming up tonight, the final episode of The Murderer on the Island of Sodor....

Dec: Pink will be here to Singalong Live....

Ant: Plus the finale of Ant vs Dec.

Dec: We've got an American spin-off of In For A Penny.

Ant: Also known as In For A Cent. And ZZ Ward will be here for a spectacular End of the Series End of the Show Show.

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