Dec: Now then. You may remember at home that we scientifically proved... that The Happiest Minute of the Week always falls during part two... of this show.

Ant: You can't argue with Science, guys.

Dec: No you can't.

(Audience giggles)

Dec: That minute... is about to get even happier. So strap yourselves because... we've got some news. (Ant: Yes.) Some very big... news.

Ant: Now every series, we make it our mission to do something spectacular for the final show. Last year, we took 200 of you to Barcelona for our cruise ship finale.

Dec: So, do you wanna know where we're going for this year's big finale?

Audience: Yeeeeeesss!

Dec: Good. Because we've got someone very special... to tell us more.

(The screen shows a dark blue sky with stars. A sparkle in the form of Tinker Bell flies to Ant and Dec)

Ant: It's Tinker Bell.

(Audience cheers and applauses)

Ant: Come on, Tink. Tell everyone where we're going... for the final show of the series. (He communicates via Tinker Bell's movement) That's right. We're coming live.... from Walt Disney World in Floridaaaaaaaaaa!

(Audience cheers and applauses loudly)

Ant: Yeees!

Dec: I'm so excited. Have a look at this.

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