Dec: Now. As everybody knows, the Happiest Minute of the Week always falls in part two of this show. It is a scientific fact.

Ant: And that's the best kind of fact. Right, guys?

Dec: Right. Uh, and this year, the happiest minute is going to be bigger and better and happier than before. Ever before. Because we're taking more people than ever on a money-can't-buy trip to our series finale.

Ant: We've even for our own plane.

Dec: Mm hmm.

Audience: Oooooh.

Ant: We're giving them all... we're giving away more than 200 places... on that plane. So... do you wanna know where we're going for the final show of the series?

Audience: Yeeeeeesss.

Ant: Are you sure?

Audience: Yeeeeeesss!

Dec: Okay. Here we go. This year, (drumroll) the Saturday Night Takeaway series finale.... will be coming live from... (pauses)

Both: Universal Orlando Resort in Florida!

(Audience cheers and applauses loudly)

Ant: Yes.

Dec: It's gonna be incredible. And here's why.

(The scene cuts to certain scenes from Universal Orlando Resort and people with tickets)

Ant: (narrating) We're celebrating our series finale with a party you'll never forget... as we broadcast live... from Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

Dec: (narrating) In our biggest ever giveaway, you're invited to join us for a seven night holiday.

Ant: (narrating) This money-can't-buy trip starts in style with a VIP flight on a specially charted jet, courtesy of Virgin Holidays.

Dec: (narrating) You'll stay on site at Low Sapphire Falls Resort.

Ant: (narrating) And enjoy early parking mission to... the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

(I Came Here for Love plays)

Dec: (narrating) And Volcano Bay.

Ant: (narrating) All week long, you'll explore Universal Orlando's three theme parks.

Dec: (narrating) Plus you'll ride on a parade float at Universal's Marti Gras event.

Ant: (narrating) And you'll pocket 2000 dollars to spend on entertainment, shopping and dining.

  1. I came here for looove #

(The scene cuts to footage of Ant and Dec with all the Universal characters)

Dec: (narrating) And best of all, you'll receive an invite to the Saturday Night Takeaway finale.

Ant (narrating) Where we'll end the series with a bang.

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