(Ant and Dec are seen saluting)

Ant: Yes. We're taking over 200 of you to Florida... oh.

(The model plane starts rolling and hits Ant and Dec)

Ant: Stephen.

(Audience laughs)

Stephen Mulhern: I didn't... I didn't mean to do that.

Ant: I know.

Dec: Stop it.

Ant: We're taking over 200 of you to Florida with us and we'll be giving away tickets all series long. So whoever you are.... wherever you are... you could be on our plane. A Place on the Plane.

Dec: Go and get ready, Ant. (As Ant runs off...) Stand by, Britain, because.... the Happiest Minute of the Week starts... in 5....

(The scene cuts to an ariel shot of the studio with a countdown on all the screens)

Dec: ....4....3....2....1. Here we go!

(Klaxon blares)

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