Ant: It's finally here. The 100th show.

Dec: What is it we say again to get the whole thing started?

(The scene cuts to Series 13 Episode 5)

Hugh Jackman: Roll the titles.

(The scene cuts to Series)

(The scene cuts to the present)

Dec: That's the one.

Ant: Well, there's only one thing left to do for the 100th time.

Both: Roll the titles.

(Audience cheers and applauses)

(The scene cuts to the original intro)

(The scene flies toward the ITV Studios)

Cuba Gooding Jr.: (narrating) Welcome to the biggest party on TV, baby! Live from the ITV Studios in London! This is the 100th episode... of Saturday Night Takeaway!

(The scene cuts to inside of the studio)

Cuba Gooding Jr.: (narrating) And what a party it's going to be! Boe and Ball have got the cake! Sophie Ellis-Bextor's got the party poppers! Stephen Mulhern's in charge of coats!

(The scene cuts to Scarlett Moffatt in an outside area)

Cuba Gooding Jr.: (narrating) Scarlett's somewhere in Britain ready to grab someone else's party, baby!

(The scene cuts back to inside of ITV Studios and to the Star Guest Announcer booth)

Cuba Gooding Jr.: And your guest.... announcer.... it's me.... Cuba Gooding Jr!

(Audience cheers)

Cuba Gooding Jr.: (narrating) It's Ant McPartlin....

(The scene cuts to Ant)

Cuba Gooding Jr.: (narrating) And Declan Donnelly!

(The scene cuts to Dec)

(Ant and Dec run down the stairs hi fiving people along the way. Ant dances halfway down)

Ant: you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday. # Thank you very much!

(Audience cheers and applauses)

Ant: Thank you.

(One audience member whistles)

Ant: Welcome.... to the 100th episode.... of your Saturday Night Takeaway. Still.... the only show on telly that says..., "don't just watch the adverts...."

Audience: Win them!

Ant: That's right.

Dec: I'm so excited. We have got an unbelievable audience here for our 100th.... (audience cheers and applauses) show.

Ant: Sounds good. Okay then, guys. Are you ready for the ultimate birthday party?!

Audience: Yeeeeeesss!

Dec: Are you ready to have to the time of your lives?

Audience: Yeeeeeesss!

Ant: Shall we stop asking questions and just get on with the show?

Audience: Yeeeeeesss!

Dec: Are you sure about that?

(Ant chuckles)

Audience: Yeeeeeesss!

Ant: Okay. Okay. (Dec: Okay. Let's  stop messing about and get on with the show.) Okay. Okay. Okay.

Dec: Tonight. To celebrate a century of shows, one member of this studio audience... could be winning the contents of the ad breaks from the first episode... of Saturday Night Takeaway back in 2002. But, don't panic cause we super-sized... those prizes from all the old adverts.

Ant: And as ever, one of you could be in a chance of winning £1000. Just go to the website for details. Entries are free. And you must be 18 or over to take part. Entries close... at 8pm tonight.

Dec: Now, we're so excited to get to 100 shows that... we've decided to make tonight a celebration of the people who... year in, year out... make Saturday Night Takeaway what it is.

Ant: Us two. Thank you.

Dec: No. Not us two. No. I'm... (laughing) I'm talking about... I'm talking about all you out there and in here are amazing viewers. You have been with us... since day 1. Well... most of you at least. And we couldn't.... have done a single show.... without you.

Ant: Yes, and we just wanna say a massive thank you. And we're gonna do that by saluting some of Takeaway's biggest fans... with the Saturday Night Takeaway Centery Viewer Award!

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