(Audience applauses)

Ant: Wha.... (paused for a few seconds) Wha... what did he s... wha... what did he say? The mole is what?

Dec: Ssh. You'll find out what happens next week in Saturday Ker-night... Takeaway.

Ant: N... no. No. No, we read through this before, haven't we? Ay. The K... is silent.

Dec: Always?

Ant: Always. You never pronounce the K. Got it? Got it?

Dec: Find out what happens next week... in Saturday night Taeway.

(Audience laughs)

Ant: No. No. No. No, you can pronounce the K in Takeaway.

Dec: Well, make your mind up. Your giving me mix-mixed messages here. Goodness me. Getting your ker-nickers in a twist.

(Audience chuckles)

Dec: I don't ker-now what to say anymore, you... (pauses; laughing) ker-nucklehead.

(Audience laughs)

Ant: (teasingly) Oh, shut up.

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