(The scene shows the outside of the Television Centre. It flows back to Ant & Dec unloading their packaged stuff in a lorry) Ant: Let's unpack then. Dec: Yeah. Now after.... 20 years at the old place, here we are at the brand new home.... of Saturday Night Takeaway. Ant: Yeah. The brand new home for a brand new series. Dec: Yeah. Ant: I tell you what though. (Ant & Dec are about to enter the doors) Dec: There's only one thing left to do. Ant: Roll.... Dec: Hit me over the threshold. Ant: What? Okay. (Ant picks up Dec by the bottom) Dec: We're gonna be so happy in our new home. Both: Roll the titles! (Audience cheers and applauses) (The scene goes into the opening titles) I just can't wait till Saturday
I can't wait for
Saaaaturrrrday (The scene goes through the gap in the d in Saturday. It then shows the Television Centre) (The theme continues playing) Camila Cabello: (narrating) It's Saturday! It's 7 o'clock! And the wait is finally over! We are back for a brand new series live from the Television Centre in London. (The scene cuts to the inside of the studio) Camila Cabello: (narrating) Coming up on tonight's show.... (The scene cuts to a clip from Series 15 Episode 1, then to a clip Series 15 Episode 2 (aka the 100th episode) and then to another clip from Series 15 Episode 1) Camila Cabello: (narrating) The biggest surprises in Saturday Night Takeaway history. (The scene cuts to a scene from Mark Whalberg's I'm a Celebrity Get Out of Me Ear!) Camila Cabello: (narrating) Things get tasty for Mark Wahlberg in.... I'm a Celebrity Get Out of Me Ear!. (The scene cuts to a clip from one of the Pussycat Dolls' music videos) Camila Cabello: (narrating) And the amazing Pussycat Dolls Star in a breathtaking.... End of the Show Show. (The scene cuts to the studio and to Camila Cabello in the Star Guest Announcer area) Camila Cabello: Plus.... for one night only.... your Star Guest Announcer.... is me, Camila Cabello! (Audience cheers) (The scene cuts to the audience and then flows through several members of the audience and then cuts to Ant) Camila Cabello: (narrating) But first..... I love it when he calls me senorita. That's Ant McPartlin. (Audience cheers) (Ant: Hello.) (The scene cuts to Dec) Camila Cabello: (narrating) And.... I love it when HE calls me senorita. That's Declan Donnelly! (The scene cuts to Camila Cabello) Camila Cabello: Let's face it. I just love being called senorita. It's the return of Ant & Dec's Saturday.... (The scene cuts to Ant. A crew member gives him a red flower) Camila Cabello: (narrating) Night Takeaway!!! (The scene cuts to Dec. He hi-fives a crew member) (Dec: Come on! Hello.) (The scene cuts and flows over the audience) (The scene cuts to Dec hi fiving people along the way) (Dec: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.) (The scene cuts to Ant greeting people and walks down the stairs) (The scene cuts to the audience and then flows towards the stage where Ant is. He gestures Dec to come and join him) (The scene cuts to an aerial view of the audience and then cuts to Ant and Dec) (The theme ends) Ant: Yeah! (Audience cheers and applauses) Ant: Thank you very much. Oh. Dec: Ahhh. Ant: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (Dec chuckles) Ant: It's nice, ain't it? Dec: It is, isn't it. Ay. Ant: Good to be back. Thank you very much. Thank you. We must. We must move on. Dec: Haven't got time. Ant: Hello and welcome to a brand new series of your Saturday Night Takeaway. Still the only show on telly that says, "don't just watch the adverts...." (The scene cuts to the audience) Audience: Win them! (The scene cuts to Ant & Dec) Dec: Oh. You've still got it. We are back.... in a brand new studio. Have a seat, everybody. What a series.... we've got for you. I can't wait to get going. So, let's just get going. And we'll say hello to tonight's Star Guest Announcer. International.... pop sensation..... Camila Cabello!

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