(Audience applauses) Ant: Now. We might be in a new home but what hasn't changed is the happiest minute of the week always falls during part two of your Saturday Night Takeaway. It's a scientific fact. Both: Google it. Dec: Normally.... this is the part of the show where we choose 200 people to take away with us on a trip of a lifetime... to our series finale. This year, though..... that's not gonna happen. Audience: Ohhh. Ant: No. Sorry. It's not. Because this year... we're taking over 300 people!!! (Audience cheers and applauses) Dec: Yes! This is the biggest ever giveaway on British television. You heard me, madame. The biggest ever giveaway on... (The scene cuts to a woman cheering in the audience) Dec: ...British... (laughing) television. Ant: She's happy, isn't she? (The scene cuts to Ant & Dec) Ant: She's well happy. Dec: Who wants to know where 300 of you lot will be joining us for the last show of the series? (Audience cheers and applauses)

Ant: I do! I do, Dec.

Dec: You already know.

Ant: Yeah. I know. I'm just getting excited though, aren't I?

Dec: Drumroll please.

Ant: Okay.

(Drumroll starts)

Dec: This year.... the grand finale.... of Saturday Night Takeaway will be coming live from......

Both: Walt Disney World Resort in Florida!

(Audience cheers and applauses for a little while)

Ant: And here's what's in store!

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