Female singer: Saaaaturrrrday. (The scene goes through the C in the logo. A portrait is shown on the wall and then scrolls to Ant and Dec imitating that) Ant: (giggles) You knew that was coming. (chuckling) Welcome back to your Saturday Night Takeaway. Still to come, Ant vs Dec, the premiere of the new Honoured mission, and we give away some more Places on the Plane in SofaWatch. Dec: But, we just thought to say a quick hello to the stars of tonight's End of the Show Show... Ant: George Ezra. Dec: And even Little Mix. (Audience claps) Ant: Hi, guys. Dec: It's great to see ya. What have you got in store for tonight's End of the Show Show? George Ezra: Well, we just thought, "why not do a double act" Ant: Yes. Dec: I love it. I love double acts. I love being the star of the act. Ant: What? Dec: You remember when we were doing PJ and Duncan?

Ant: Oh yeah. When we were doing it, we were always singing, # let's get ready to rhumble! #

George Ezra: Hmm. Not bad.

Perrie (Little Mix): We'll definitely get you in our show.

Dec: Yes.

Ant: "Definitely" she says. "Definitely".

Dec: Great stuff. You hear that, everyone? We've been signed up for tonight's End of the Show Show.

(The studio crew cheer)

Dec: Not you lot. Me and Ant.

Ant: And don't think you can just jump in with them skinny legs.

(Dec wheezes and Ant giggles)

Dec: (chuckling) Now.... that's very mean.

(Audience chuckles)

Dec: Now you remember.... we said that the MerseyGirls are tonight's special guests. But... there is a slight change.

Ant: Yes, because.....

(Audience cheers and applauses)

Dec: Thank you.

Ant: Hello, everyone. Because tonight's guests are from the telly. And from a cartoon show. And we'll get to that in a moment.

Dec: Now. As everybody knows by now, the Happiest Minute of the Week always falls in part 2 of your Saturday Night Takeaway and that is a scientific fact.

Ant: And that's a fact your gonna get. Right, guys?

(Audience chuckles)

Dec: (chuckling) Yes. It's almost time to give away some more Places on the Plane. But before that.... we've got some news.

Ant: Now. Every week, we try to do something amazing on this show. Last week, we had Pingu as our special TV guest on the show.

Dec: So, do you wanna know who our special guests are tonight?

Audience: Yeeeeeesss!

Dec: It's the MerseyGirls.

(Ant laughs)

(Audience laughs)

Dec: We're joking.

Ant: Of course we're kidding.

Dec: Well... we've got a very special friend to tell us more.

(Magical music plays as the entire studio becomes dark and shows a spotlight on Ant and Dec. A screen shows the Baby Sun rising and stopping)

Ant: It's the baby sun. (Audience cheers) Come on then, baby sun. Tell everyone who tonight's special guests are. (He communicates the sun's giggling via his earpiece) That's right. Tonight's special TV guests are.... Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po aka.... the Teletubbieeeeeeeees!

(Audience cheers and applauses and purple, green, yellow and red confetti spreads everywhere)

Ant: Yes!

Dec: I'm so excited. And they're going to be involved in this.

(The scene cuts to several footage of Legoland Florida and the airport)

Ant: (narrating) In five weeks time, you could be joining us in Legoland Florida as we end the series like no other.

Dec: (narrating) In our biggest giveaway yet, courtesy of Virgin Holidays, you will be invited to join us for seven nights.

Ant: (narrating) First, you'll be joining us in the airport before getting a ticket to depart on a charted jet to Florida.

(Audience cheers and applauses)

(A dressed up Lord Vanpyre and his monsters emerge from the studio doors and head towards the middle stage. Then, the Teletubbies emerge from the studio doors. They all say Eh-oh one by one. Then a giant model plane emerges from the doors as does Ant, Dec and the MerseyGirls. Scarlett Moffatt and Stephen Mulhern are seen at the top of the model plane)

(Ant laughs)

Julia: They're enjoying themselves.

Ant: Yup.

Dec: It looks like those four are having fun. Uh, stand by, Britain. Ant. Julia. Off you go.

Ant: Okay. (As he runs off) Good luck, girls.

Julia: (as she runs off) See ya later.

Dec: Because the Happiest Minute of the Week starts in.... 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1. Here we go!

(Klaxon blares)

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