1. Saturday #

(The scene goes through the logo)

Dec: Welcome back to your Saturday Night Takeaway. Still to come tonight, Little Mix and George Ezra play a combo remix in the End of the Show Show. But first, we've got a bit of news.

Ant: Yes we have. But, if you remember, Dec had an amazing voice and intro. And here is what it was.

(The scene cuts to the finale from the previous series. The audience is applauding)

Dec: All week, I've been asking the producers of I could go on the rides here at the park. And they said, "No. Not unless it's part of the show." And I said, "All right, guys. Chill out, you fun sponges. I'll make it into a contest between me, Stephen and Scarlett across three different games." And they said, "Ooh, well, it's gonna need a sexy title sequence." And I said, "No problem, man. Chill out. God. What's your problem?" So get ready for.... (chuckles) I made that one laugh. Master of the Univers...

Dec, Stephen Mulhern and Scarlett Moffatt: Sal.

(The Master of the Univers... Sal logo shows. The current audience cheers and applauses. The scene cuts to Ant and Dec in the studio)

Dec: Yes. That's what it was.

Ant: Wow. What a sexy title sequence that was, Dec. You've got a good voice.

(Dec chuckles)

(Audience laughs)

Dec: Thanks. Now, if you remember. This time in 2018, we solved the case of who was stealing The Honoured. And what do you know, the knights of The Dishonoured have struck back.

Ant: Oooh.

Audience: Oooh.

Ant: So.... that means, we've got another mission to solve. So, do you wanna know what the title of our new mission?

Audience: Yes!

Ant: I can't hear you.

Audience: Yes!!!

Dec: All right. All right. It's not a pantomime. So, get ready for.... (him and Ant prepare themselves) (chuckles) I made him laugh again.

(Ant chuckles)

The Duo: (echoing) "The Murder on the Island of Sodor!"

(Audience cheers and applauses)

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