Dec: Very nice.

Ant: Right. (Communicating with his ear piece) Let me tell you. The MerseyGirls just landed in Florida.... a couple.... (Audience: Oooh) hours.... ago. Now. They are in a hotel in Florida. So. They don't know that we will be coming live to them in Florida.

Dec: And to the do that, we're gonna go live... to this place.

(A picture of the Legoland Hotel shows on the screen)

Dec: This is the Legoland Hotel.... in Florida. And in one of the hotel rooms are the MerseyGirls.

(Footage shows the MerseyGirls doing their dance moves in a hotel room)

Dec: Now, right now they are performing their dance moves. And they clearly.... don't know that we're coming live to them in the hotel, isn't that right, Ant?

Ant: Yes... it is, Declan. I think it's time that we say a quick hello to the BGT 2017 acts. So.... we're going live to the MerseyGirls right now. Here we go, guys. In 3.... 2.... 1....

(The scene cuts to the MerseyGirls dancing in their hotel)

Ant & Dec: Hello, MerseyGirls!

TV: (Ant & Dec: Hello, MerseyGirls!)

(Audience cheers and applauses in the studio)

Julia: Oh. Hi, boys.

Ant: You're live on Saturday Night Takeaway! Now. Girls. We know how much you were thrilled about getting that Place on the Plane last Saturday night. How has that changed?

TV: (Ant: How has that changed?)

Julia: Oh. It's been great. We love the hotel. We're so happy that we're now in Florida and we can't wait for the series finale to start in 4 weeks.

Dec: Aw.

Ant: But listen. We've got some bigger news for you. And it's exciting. Audience? Do you wanna know what it is?

Audience: Yeeeesss!

Ant: Are you sure?

Audience: Yeeeesss!

Dec: Okay. Then. Drumroll please.


Dec: You girls.... will be starring in....

Ant & Dec: The live semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent!!!

(Audience cheers and applauses)

(The MerseyGirls jump for joy in the hotel footage)

Ant: Yes!

Dec: How does that sound, girls?

TV: (Dec: How does that sound, girls?)

Chelsea: Yeeess!

Julia: We can't wait for that! Thank you so much, boys!

Ant: Aw. You're welcome, girls. We will send you some postcards here. We will see you in 4 weeks time in Legoland. Give it up for the MerseyGirls, everybody!

Dec: See you soon, girls!

Female Singer: Saaaaturrrrday

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