(The scene shows Ant and Dec near a TV in the recording studio)

Ant: (whispering a bit) Right. It's almost time to start Episode 107 of your Saturday Night Takeaway.

Dec: (whispering a bit) We've got a lot of guests on the show like Louis Walsh as our star guest announcer.

Ant: (whispering a bit) But. What the audience don't know is that the MerseyGirls have just landed in Florida.

Dec: (whispering a bit) All will be revealed very shortly. And it looks like we're all set.

Ant: (whispering a bit) Star Guest Announcer, check. Win the Ads, check. I'm a Celebrity Get Out of Me Ear guest?

Dec: (whispering a bit) Oh. That's Tony Hale.

Ant: (whispering a bit) Who's of course the voice of Forky in Toy Story 4.

Dec: (whispering) Right. We're all set. There's now only one thing left to do.

Both: (whispering a bit) Roll the titles.

(The scene goes into the intro)

(Audience cheers and applauses)

I just can't wait till saturday (Oh, yay, yay)
I just can't wait till saturday
I can't wait for

(The scene goes through the C in the logo and scrolls towards the Television Centre)

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