(The scene shows Manny, Sid, Diego and Shira waiting patiently outside Ant & Dec's dressing room) Shira: Uhh. What's taking these guys so long? Diego: I have no idea. Manny: Guys! We're all waiting for you! Man: 30 seconds till showtime, boys. Dec: (muffled) What? Ant: (muffled) 30 seconds? (Ant and Dec burst out of the dressing room door and go round the corner to the studio) Ant: Dec, come on. We're gonna be late. Dec: I'm coming. Manny. Sid. Diego. Shira. Come on. Showtime. (Manny, Sid, Diego and Shira follow Ant and Dec) Shira: Come on! Sid: Wait for us! Roll the titles!

(Audience cheers and applauses)

(The scene goes into the intro)

I just can't wait till saturday (Oh, yay, yay)
I just can't wait till saturday
I can't wait for

(The scene goes through the C in the logo and scrolls towards the Television Centre)

(The theme continues playing)

Louis Walsh: (narrating) It's Saturday. It's 7pm. And we are coming to you live from the Television Centre in London.

(The scene cuts to the inside of the studio)

Louis Walsh: (narrating) Coming up on tonight's show......

(The scene cuts to a clip from several movies)

Louis Walsh: (narrating) Some familiar movie characters join Ant & Dec for an epic show......

(The scene cuts to a clip from an I'm a Celebrity.... Get Out of My Ear!)

Louis Walsh: (narrating) I'm a Celebrity...Get Out of My Ear is back and this time is Meghan Trainor doing it......

(The scene cuts to Britney Spears)

Louis Walsh: (narrating) And Britney Spears bows out in style for an unbelievable End of the Show Show.

(The scene cuts and then scrolls to Louis Walsh in the Star Guest Announcer booth)

Louis Walsh: And for one night, your guest announcer is me. Louis Walsh. But first....

(The scene cuts to an aerial view of the audience)

Louis Walsh: (narrating) True facts.

(The scene cuts to Ant)

Louis Walsh: (narrating) He's planned a snooker match with a character from a movie franchise. That's Ant McPartlin.

(The scene cuts to Dec)

Louis Walsh: (narrating) He's hid Scrat's acorn somewhere in the studio where Scrat can't get it. That's Declan Donnelly.

(The scene cuts to the audience)

Louis Walsh: (narrating) It's a special Ice Age edition in the 107th episode of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway!

(The scene cuts to Ant)

(Ant: You can tell me later, Shira. (smiles))

(The scene cuts to Dec)

(Dec: Come on. Let's go.)

(The scene cuts to an aerial view of the audience)

(Ant and Dec walk down the stairs hi fiving people along the way)

(Dec: Hello. Hello. Hello.)

(The scene cuts to Dec hi fiving people)

(The scene cuts to Ant hi fiving people)

(The scene cuts to the audience and then spins to face Ant and Dec on the stage behind the logo)

(The theme ends. The audience cheers and applauses)

Ant: Yes!

Dec: Thank you very much!

(The audience continues cheering)

Dec: Hiya, everyone!

Ant: Thank you very much indeed. Hello. And welcome to your Saturday Night Takeaway. Still the only show on telly that says, "Don't just watch the adverts.....!"

(The scene cuts to the audience)

Audience: Win them!

(The scene cuts to Ant & Dec)

Dec: Ooh. You all have amazing voices. Have a seat. Have a seat. We have a jam-packed show this evening.

Ant: With some very special guests. From a familiar franchise.

Dec: We know who they are. But. Do YOU wanna know who they are?

Audience: Yeees!

Dec: Okay then.

Ant: The special guests from a movie franchise that will be on tonight's show are....

(Ant & Dec pause for a second and then....)

The Duo: The Ice Age characters!

(Audience cheers and applauses loudly)

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