(Ant and Dec are seen looking)

Dec: Oh, where is it?

Ant: I don't know, Dec. It has to be here somewhere.

(Stephen Mulhern comes into the room)

Stephen Mulhern: Don't panic, guys. Don't panic. What are you looking for?

Ant: The script? We can't remember who will be performing in the End of the Show Show.

Dec: And who will be the Star Guest Announcer.

Stephen Mulhern: Well, that's obvious. I can remember. Louisa Johnson will be the star of the End of the Show Show.

Ant: THAT'S who will be performing!

Stephen Mulhern: And Chris Tarrant will be the Star Guest Announcer.

Dec: Oh! I forgot about him.

Ant: Well, it looks like we're set. There's only one thing left to do.

Both: Roll the titles!

(Audience cheers and applauses)

(The scene goes into the intro)

(The audience claps along to the song)

I just can't wait till saturday (Oh, yay, yay)
I just can't wait till saturday
I can't wait for

(The scene goes through the C in the logo and scrolls towards the Television Centre)

Chris Tarrant: (narrating) It's Saturday, 7pm. And we are coming live from the Television Centre in London.

(The scene cuts to inside of the studio)

Chris Tarrant: (narrating) Coming up on tonight's show....

(The scene cuts to a scene from The Murder on the Island of Sodor)

Chris Tarrant: (narrating) The boys are still on Sodor in the latest installment of The Murder on the Island of Sodor.

(The scene cuts to a clip from a previous episode)

Chris Tarrant: (narrating) The next Ant vs Dec challenge is proving to be more tense.

(The scene cuts to Louisa Johnson)

Chris Tarrant: (narrating) And Louisa Johnson bows out in style with her winner's single in the End of the Show Show.

(The scene cuts and then flows towards the Star Guest Announcer booth)

Chris Tarrant: Plus, for one night only. Your star guest announcer.... is me, Chris Tarrant.

(The scene cuts to a shot over the audience)

Chris Tarrant: (narrating) But first. True facts.

(The scene cuts to Ant)

Chris Tarrant: (narrating) He has been signed up to a children's movie. That's Ant McPartlin!

(Audience cheers)

(Ant: That's true!)

(The scene cuts to Dec)

Chris Tarrant: (narrating) He has also been signed up to a children's movie. That's Declan Donnelly!

(Audience cheers)

(Dec: That's true. Of course it's true.)

(The scene cuts to the audience)

Chris Tarrant: (narrating) It's Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway!

(The scene cuts to Ant)

(Ant tries to grab a Secret of the Cave Treasure poster)

(The scene cuts to Dec)

(Dec: Come on, then.)

(Ant and Dec hi five the audience whilst walking down the stairs)

(Ant: Hello. Hello. Hello. Nice hair. Hi. Hi. Hi.)

(Dec: Hiya. Hiya. Hiya. Hello. You're looking lovely.)

(Ant and Dec run toward the platform and stop on it and stand behind it. The logo is seen on the screen behind them)

(The theme ends)

Dec: Ha-haaa!

(Audience cheers and applauses)

Dec: Thanks, you lot.

Ant: Thank you, guys. Thank you indeed. Hello. And welcome to your Saturday Night Takeaway. The only show on telly that says... "Don't just watch the adverts..."

Audience: Win theeeemmm!

Ant: Wow.

Dec: Ooh. You're loud tonight. Have a seat. Have a seat. We've got a great show tonight. And....

Ant: And we have an announcement to make, guys.

Audience: Ooooooh.

Ant: I know. That is....

Dec: We have been casted in a children's movie.

Ant: And that movie iiiiissss.... drumroll please.

(The drumroll sound effect)

Both: Thomas & Friends - The Secret of the Cave Treasurrrrrrrrre!

(Audience cheers and applauses loudly)

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