(The scene cuts to scenes showing people winning a Place on the Plane leading up to them all flying to Florida)

(The scene goes through the c in the logo)

(The scene shows the Legoland hotel and then cuts to Ant and Dec in the bar)

Dec: Can't believe we're here. Doing the final show from Florida.

Ant: I know. It's amazing. (Looking at his watch) We're supposed to meet up with Thomas, Ashima, Nia and the MerseyGirls. So, drink up. How much do we owe you?

Bar Chef: It's cheep.

Dec: Awesome.

Ant: I tell you what, Declan. This food is awesome.

Dec: And same with these drinks. They're awesome too.

Ant: You know what? That makes me think of a song. Guys? Do you mind if we start our final show with a big.... movie song?

Bar Chef: Sure. Why not.

(Everything is Awesome plays)

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