Dec: Now. As a lot of people know, the Happiest Minute of the Week always falls in part 2 of this show.

Ant: You can't argue with a scientific fact. Am I right, guys?

Dec: (laughing) Exactly.

(Audience laughs)

Dec: And that minute is about to get even bigger than it was before.

Ant: Now....

Audience: Oooh.

Ant: Now, we are going to try to take as many people as possible to our series finale as possible.

Dec: Now, usually we take about 200 people to Florida. But, this year..... that's not going to happen.

Audience: Ohhh.

Ant: No. Sorry. We're not. Because..... this year, we're taking not 100... not 200... not 300..... but 400 people!!!!

(Audience cheers and applauses)

Dec: Yes! Indeed we are. This will indeed be the biggest ever giveaway in British TV history!

Ant: Yes!

(Audience cheers)

Dec: Who wants to know where 400 of you lucky lot will be joining us for the final show of the series?

(Audience cheers and applauses)

Ant: I wanna know! I wanna know, Dec!

Dec: You already know where we're going.

Ant: I know. But I'm just getting hyped, though.

Dec: Drumroll please.

(Drumroll starts)

Dec: This year..... the big finale..... of your Saturday Night Takeaway..... will be coming live from..... 

Both: Universal Orlando Resort in Florida!!!!

(Audience cheers and applauses loudly)

Ant: And here's what's in store.

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