Ant: Right. Are you ready, Declan?

Dec: Yup. I've got the script from Sodor. Let's just check if we've got everything for the brand new series. Star Guest Announcer?

Ant: Check.

Dec: End of the Show Show stars?

Ant: Check.

Dec: Ant vs Dec competition name?

Ant: Check.

Dec: Good. It looks like we've got everything.

Ant: Hang on. We're missing something.

Dec: Are we?

Ant: Yup.

Dec: Hmm. What are we missing? (Gasps) Oh yes. The new graphics. We've got them.

Ant: Yes. Right. For certain.... have we got everything?

Dec: Yes! For sure.

Ant: Well. There's only one thing left to do for the first time this series.

Both: Roll the titles.

(The scene goes into the opening titles)

(Audience cheers and applauses and then claps along to the song)

I just can't wait till Saturday (oh, yay, yay)
I just can't wait till Saturday
I can't wait for

(The scene goes through through c in the logo)

Caroline Flack: (narrating) At last it's the moment that the nation has been waiting for. It's Saturday. It's 7 o'clock. And we are coming to you live from the Television Centre in London.

(The scene cuts into the studio)

Caroline Flack: (narrating) Coming up on the first show of a brand new series... Ant and Dec reveal where they are going for their series finale... we're travelling into the best of the movies and tv shows in the most insane Ant vs Dec... and Britain's Got Talent finalists 100 Voices of Gospel take on Pixar songs in an epic End of the Show Show.

(The scene cuts to the Star Guest Announcer booth)

Caroline Flack: Plus.... for one night only, it's Caroline Flack here as your star guest announcer!

Caroline Flack: (narrating) But first.... true facts.

(The scene cuts to Ant)

Caroline Flack: (narrating) He's now got the nerve to watch a Horror film. That's Ant McPartlin!

(The scene cuts to Dec)

Caroline Flack: (narrating) He's got the knowledge to watch the 2019 film from Pixar, Toy Story 4. That's Declan Donnelly.

(The scene cuts to the audience)

Caroline Flack: (narrating) They've just remembered what they're old friends said. It's a brand spanking new series of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway!

Dec: Come on then.

(Ant and Dec come down the stairs hi fiving people along the way and then stand on the stage facing the audience)

(Audience cheers and applauses loudly)

Ant: All right.

(Someone in the audience whistle cheers)

Ant: All right.

Dec: Thank you very much.... Thank you.

Ant: Thank you very much. Welcome.... all right. Thank you. Welcome... to a brand new series of your Saturday Night Takeaway. Still... the only show on telly that says, "don't just watch the adverts...."

Audience: Win them!

Dec: Yes!

Ant: It is so great to be back on this show. And what better way to begin this... is to introduce our star guest announcer. The first one of the brand new series. It's Caroline Flack!

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