(Audience cheers and applauses)

  1. Saaaaturrrrday #

(The scene goes through the c in the logo)

Dec: Welcome back to the penultimate episode of the 20th anniversary of Saturday Night Takeaway.

Ant: Is it? Crikey. Time flies by.

Dec: Still to come tonight, Ant vs Dec. Pixar style. And a very special Pixar-ified End of the Show Show with Scare Game winners, Oozma Kappa.

Ant: Right. It's time now for the Saturday Night Takeaway premiere of the Monsters University special... I know. Which was shown first in cinemas alongside... The Muppets!

Dec: Yay.

(Audience cheers and applauses)

Ant: It is...

Both: Party Central!)

(The scene goes into

(The scene cuts to Ant and Dec in the studio)

(Ant laughs)

(Audience laughs)

(Dec laughs)

Ant: I knew Mike and Sulley were up to something.

Dec: I know.

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