Stephen Mulhern: Now listen. How about this for an idea. We take this to a global format. I should do In For A Penny In For A Grand in Florida next week.

Dec: Can I just stop you. (Audience cheers and applauses) Can I just stop you. For a second. For a second. Who said you're coming to Florida?

Stephen Mulhern: What?

Dec: Yeah. (Stammers) There's no.... Look. We've given away the....

Stephen Mulhern: What?

Dec: I tell you what. I tell you what. How about we play the world famous Stopwatch game, and if you can stop it...

Stephen Mulhern: Oh no.

Dec: ...on 7 seconds... you get a Place on the Plane. Let's do this.

(Audience cheers and applauses)

(The In For A Penny crew come in. Stephen's golden suit slides onto Dec)

Dec: Look. It just slips on. It just slips on.

Stephen Mulhern: You're now looking like an Entertaining legend.

(Dec giggles)

Dec: Right. Get ready. Concentrate. You ready?

Stephen Mulhern: I need this.

Dec: This is for a Place on the Plane, Stephen.

Stephen Mulhern: I need this.

Dec: Ready?

Stephen Mulhern: Yeah.

Dec: In three... two... one... go. (He starts the stopwatch)

(Stephen counts to 7 in his head at the pace of the stopwatch)

Stephen Mulhern: Stop.

(Dec stops the stopwatch)

Dec: Ooooh.

Stephen Mulhern: Don't do this. Dec, don't do this. Just tell me.

Dec: He's only gone and done it.

Stephen Mulhern: Yeeeeeaaaah! Come on. Doosh. Doosh. Doosh.

Dec: You've had a Place on the Plane.

Stephen Mulhern: Yeah. Come on.

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