(The logo shows)

Child: Ahh! (He gets killed)

(The scene goes through the logo)

The Honoured Headquarters, 2 years later

(The scene cuts into the Honoured Headquarters)

(Ant and Dec walk in)

Joanna Lumley: Well, boys. Glad you came to the Honoured.

Dec: Well, we came as soon as we could.

Ant: We are "Honoured" to be here.

Joanna Lumley: I'm glad you could. Because on the Island of Sodor, there is a mysterious figure lurking around. And The Fat Controller needs you to keep an eye on things whilst he's away.

Dec: Ah. Well. We can do that.

Ant: We're positive about this.

(The scene cuts to the Island of Sodor)

(Gordon chuffs out of Knapford Station)

Ant: Okay then. We're going to try and do this together.

Dec: Yeah. I hope that we can. Otherwise, Joanna said we would be expelled from The Honoured forever.

Ant: Yeah. She did.

(Ant's phone rings)

Ant: Hello?

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