(Audience applauses)

Dec: Wow. Can you believe that? The murder of Sodor was David Dickinson all along.

Ant: Can you even believe it? Now... Nia has something to announce for this summer.

Nia: Indeed. Next summer, Thomas & Friends - The Secret of the Cave Treasure is coming in June.

Audience: Oooh.

Dec: Yes, indeed. But, do you know what? Would you all like to see a sneek peek of the film?

Audience: Yes!

Ant: Are you sure you want to see it?

Audience: Yes!!

Nia: Are you positive about the sneek peek?

Audience: YES!!!

Ant: All right then. Let's see the clip for...

Dec: Thomas & Friends -...

Nia: The Secret of the Cave Treasure.

(Audience applauses)

(The scene goes into the sneek peek)

Thomas: Now... where to find a perfect gift for Percy.

Ashima: Thomas? Are you sure about this? We're supposed to be back at the Love Home at the crack of dawn.

Thomas: Don't worry about it, Ashima. It'll be fine. As long as we're together, we'll be f... (Gasps) On second thoughts...

Narrator: A huge wave was heading towards Thomas and Ashima.

Thomas: Ashima! Run!

(Thomas couples to Ashima)

Ashima: I can see the wave! Get into the cave!

(Ashima pushes Thomas towards the cave. Thomas pants)

Ashima: Just don't think about it, Thomas! Just go in!

(Thomas crashes into the wooden boarder with Ashima right behind him. Rocks fall behind them. The wave hits the cave rocks. Some gravel falls onto the rocks)

(The scene cuts to inside the cave)

(Thomas and Ashima are about to stop panting)

Thomas: (feeling emotional) Are you alright, Ashima?

Ashima: I'm alright.

(Thomas and Ashima look around)

Thomas: Just move slowly, Ashima.

Ashima: Okay, Thomas.

(Thomas and Ashima move slowly until...)

(A rock falls behind Ashima)

(Thomas and Ashima yell. Thomas slams on his brakes. They come across the edge of a crevasse. Thomas screams in horror)

Thomas: Ashima! Pull me back!

(Ashima tries to pull Thomas back from the edge of the crevasse until she notices something that's glimmering down below the 5 feet crevasse)

Ashima: Thomas. There's water down below us.

Thomas: What's so good about that?

Ashima: You know that river we have at the Love Home?

Thomas: Y-Yes?

Ashima: If we drop down there, we'll be safe.

Thomas: What's the point of that?

Ashima: Thomas, just let go!

(Thomas was feeling terrified of letting go. But, he did so anyway. Thomas and Ashima's drivers and firemen jump out of their cabs. The coupling snaps)

(Thomas and Ashima yell in horror. They end up face to face with one another as they drop)

Thomas: Ashima! Whatever happens, I'll love you no matter what!

Ashima: I...I...I love you too, Thomas!

(Thomas and Ashima gasp)

Thomas: Incoming water!

Ashima: (Gasps) Get ready for this, Thomas! This is gonna be deep!

(Thomas and Ashima hold their breath)

(Thomas and Ashima splash into the water)

(The scene cuts underwater)

(Thomas and Ashima sink to the bottom of the 2 feet water. They try and move towards each other. They touch each other's buffers and share an underwater kiss. After the kiss, they get suprised as rafts appear below them. They surface and pant)

(Audience applauses)

(The scene goes back into the Saturday Night Takeaway area in Universal Islands of Adventure Florida)

Ant: Wow.

Dec: What a clip. Thomas & Friends - The Secret of the Cave Treasure will be in cinemas this June.

Ant: It will. But, for now, let's hear it for Nia!

(Audience applauses)

  1. Saturday #

(Nia walks off)

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