Story 6/8 of Favorite Places, Favorite Faces.

Characters: Cranky, Salty, Toby, Sir Topham Hatt,Diesel. Percy (cameo).

There are many busy places on Sodor. One of them is Brendam Docks, home to Cranky and Salty. One cold autum morning, Cranky was complaining.

Cranky: "Its no fair! I get no rest, no one seems to like my work, and I'm frozened to my hook!"

Salty: "I enjoy your work Cranky."

Cranky: "Thanks Salty. But besides you, no one else does."

That morning went by very quickly. Soon, it was the middle of the day, the afternoon, and still Cranky wasn't feeling happy. The last load of the day was an old sailing boat going to the Smelters. Toby came to collect it, but it was far from okay.

Toby: "Cranky, what the heck were you thinking? Now the Smelters will scrap it, but people were going to be getting last time photos of the sailing boat before scrapping."

Cranky: "I'm sorry Toby. Bad tempered is what I am."

Sir Topham Hatt came too.

Sir Topham Hatt: "Cranky, explain yourself."

Cranky: "I just didn't feel like no one else enjoyed my work. It got me mad as bees, and that's why I broke the boat."

Sir Topham Hatt: "Cranky, everyone will always enjoy your work. I'm sorry about sounding like I was going to punish you, but its the truth, and that's what matters. Get a good sleep Cranky. There will be a surprise for you tomorrow."

Diesel was also there

Diesel:Cranky your a bad crane no wonder everyone doesn't like your work

Cranky felt terrible

Sir Topham Hatt: don't listen to Diesel Cranky.he's just being mean.

but Diesel was wrong. The next day, as engines got loads and had their loads unloaded, they told Cranky that he was a good crane, and Cranky felt wonderful.

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