The Berk Wood China Clay Company (abbreviated as BCC) is a company based at Wood Wool , which is responsible for the supply and transportation of china clay to Wood Wool Docks.

The Company operates a private railway which runs from Wood Wool Docks to the china clay workings, which consist of a quarry, which is known as the Clay Pits, and a mine, which is known as the Clay Mines.           

History and Operations

The Railway Series

The clay beds were discovered in 1948, and the Company was formed to work them. A new harbour, capable of accommodating ocean-going vessels, was built in Wood Wool, some one and a half miles south of the old one, and a private railway laid down to link the Workings with the harbour and the Southern Railway. The clay is used in making porcelain, paper, paint, plastics, medicines and cosmetics. It is shipped from Wood Wool all over the world. 

Nowadays, the majority of Wood Wool's 4,500 inhabitants are employed in one way or another by the Clay Company. Spoil, consisting of quartz and sand, from the pits has been dumped in heaps some two miles to the northwest of Wood Wool and have been dubbed "white mountains".

Thomas & Friends In the Legend In Viking Railway

In the third series, the Clay Pits were struck with a large avalanche. Luckily, Wayne and Woody were able to help evacuate the Clay Pits before anyone was injured. It made regular appearances until Wayne and Woody were relocated to Anopha Quarry in the twoth series.

It was mentioned in the seventeenth series episode, Gone Fishing, that Wayne and Woody work at the Clay Pits once again. In Tale of the Brave, when the Clay Pits returned in CGI with Timothy accompanying Wayne and Woody. Hurricane and Marion also works here. There were two large landslides that occurred at the Clay Pits, Wayne and Woody rescued Thomas from one and another was triggered a while after, which involved Percy saving James.

Two sheds are located at the Clay Pits, one for Wayne, Woody and Timothy and another for Hurricane and Marion.


The Railway Series

Rolling Stock


Television Series only






Television Series only


  • According to the official Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends website, Derek now spends most of his time working in the Clay Mines.
  • In the fifth series, the Clay Pits shared the same set as the Anopha Quarry.
  • In the television series, Stoick the Vast is in charge of the Clay Pits.
  • Mr. Perkins mentioned the Clay Pits when teaching Archie Higginbottom how to be an engine driver.
  • One of the buildings at the Clay Pits was reused for the factory on the Mainland in Journey Beyond Berk.
  • The quarry is based on the Clay Pits of Port of Par.


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