Barney Takes a Dump is a sexy video on YT.


Barney: I’ll be back, Kids! (chuckles) Stupendous! (chuckles)

Barney leaves the classroom and hurries to the bathroom.

Barney: Oh boy I better go!

Barney enters the Bathroom, walks the last 3 metres, drops His pants and sits down.

Barney: Pull down my pants, hoh, hoh! (sighs).

Barney let’s off a juicy fart and grunts, Then he Drops the first lot of plops, it was a DIARRHEA Version.

Scary Voice: Oh, ah, Pew!

Barney drops the second lot of plops, again it was a DIARRHEA Version.

Scary Voice: Oh, ah, Help! (Let’s off a plop) Argh!

Barney drops the third lot of plops, yet again it was in DIARRHEA mode.

Scary Voice: Oh! UGH!!

Some Grumpy kids and even Big Bird All knock on the door impatientl.

Barney: I’m in here! (Chuckles), I’m in here! (Chuckles), Busy Right now! (Chuckles) Oh!

Barney let’s let’s off a fart and drops a plop with a tiny splash. He let’s off a second fart and drops another plop with another tiny splash.

Kid 1: Barney! (Bangs on the door)

Barney let’s off a third fart and drops yet another plop with yet another plop with yet another tiny splash.

Kid 2: Barney! (Bangs on the door)

Barney drops of course another plop with of course another tiny splash.

Kid 3: Come Out Barney! (Bangs on the door)

Barney: Will you just Wait a minute, it is ALLLLLLLLL...........

Barney let’s off huge DIARRHEA and sexy poops as he leaves several loud plops and splashes too. It was so loud that it dies down after Barney pushes all poop out.

Barney: That was Stupendous! (Chuckles) oh boy here comes another one! (Barney wipes his butt, gets up, flushed down, washes his hands and leaves)

Barney: Coming!


  • This video was so funny it made me laugh my head off so hard.
  • This video had re-used sound effects from the 1994 film, Dumb and Dumber.
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