"Bear and the Ocean Terminal" is a story written by Loco123456


There was some construction happening at Tidmouth Harbour. Bear was assigned the task of assisting in the building project. "The construction company's building an ocean terminal," explained Bear one night to the other engines. "It's going to be used only by boat trains, and help make transferring between ship and train much quicker." "And probably more comfortable too," chuckled Gordon. "The passengers hate waiting on the quayside in the winter." "Do you know when it'll be finished," asked Donald curiously. "No. But all in good time."

A portable railway was set up on the construction site. Bear shunted empty trucks to wherever rubble was needed to be taken away. Some of the workers didn't mind it; but many of them did. "Machines should be only ones allowed on a construction site," complained one of the workers during their lunchbreak. "They only get in the way," grumbled another. Bear could hear the workers talking about him. "Getting in the way eh? I'll show them. I'll show them."

Days turned into weeks; weeks soon turned into months. The project was steadily moving along. But all the while Bear wasn't able to find a way to prove that he was useful to the construction company. Until one day when a front loader failed. The workers were quite worried. "We can't have a delay now! We're half-way through!" Then Bear pulled up as he trundled on his way to shunt his loaded rubble trucks into a siding for another engine to take away. "I could take the front loader to the construction yard and bring back another one," he offered. The workers were pleased to hear this. "Yes please do so!" The workers only agreed since they wouldn't have to deal with Bear. But while he was away, they realized that in truth they did need Bear's assistance. Their dump lorries could only carry so much and were go for a long time. At last Bear returned with another front loader. The workers were pleased. Not because of the arrival of another front loader, but because Bear had returned. Within four more months, things went smoothly. The workers were pleased to have Bear after all. The completion of the terminal was done on time, and there was a grand opening. Now passengers, luggage, and customs can easily be done under shelter.

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