Bear and the Vicarstown Sleeper Express is a story written by Loco123456.


The Fat Controller arrived at the Steamworks one evening to see Victor. "Are you busy at the moment Victor?" he asked. "Yes Sir. I won't be able to do your project." So he went to the Dieselworks. There he presented his plans to Den and Dart. "We'd be happy to help Sir," said Dart cheerfully.

As the project began, Den and Dart were both determined to prove that they were better at building coaches than Victor. "You're late with those scrap parts for the Foundry," bossed Den. "We can only go so fast," protested 'Ary. "And we're doing you a favor too," added Bert. The Works Diesel didn't like the way Den and Dart treated him either. One night he overheard 'Ary and Bert talking about it. The next day he told Bear everything. "I fear that these coaches aren't going to be safe for engines or passengers," said The Works Diesel.

Finally the job had been completed. Bear had been chosen to pull the set, which would be used with the "Vicarstown Sleeper Express," a train that ran at night and arrived at 6:57 for passengers to board the 7:04 express to the Mainland. Bear sped along with the coaches with the worry in the back of his mind. "So far nothing's happened," he thought. They made stops at Kellsphorpe Road, Maron and finally Wellsworth before going the rest of the way to Vicarstown. As they began climbing Gordon's Hill, it happened. The coupling on one of the coaches broke. Bear and his driver came a grinding halt. They watched the runaway half of the train which had the sleeper cars rolling away. Bear reversed after them. "It is true about what the Works Diesel said," he thought. The guard and driver looked at the damage. "We can't just simply hook the coaches back together like other situations," said the guard. "What about my front coupling chain?" suggested Bear. "I can get a new one in the morning." They used it and continued their journey.

Signalmen were aware of the delay and put Bear on routes that would be quicker, yet Bear arrived three minutes late, which gave the passengers only four minutes to board the "Mainland Direct". The stationmaster came up to see them. "Take these coaches back to the Dieselworks," he said urgently. At the Dieselworks the Fat Controller stood in front on 'Arry and Bert. He'd found out about what they'd done. "You two shall remain in your sheds for a few days, and when you return to work I hope you are really useful again." "Yes Sir."


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