Beau is a mining engine with a moustache, who works near the Grand Canyon. He befriended Thomas during his journey around the world, after Thomas derailed outside of a mine.


Thomas & Friends Smokey

Beau was taking a goods train when he came across Thomas and Ace speeding towards him before an intersection. While he avoided the runaway, his train was uncoupled and sped after them. After the two derailed, Beau caught up to them and laughed at Thomas' request to find a breakdown crane as those were not used in the area. Taking Thomas' driver and fireman as well as Ace's driver, he left to find people and horses to help them, not returning until the next day. Once the two were upright on the rails and on their way, Beau commented on the way they talked being funny to him.


Beau hails from the American Southwest. This gritty old-timer is able to help Thomas in a moment of need, fixing himself in Thomas' memory and making him forever grateful.

Technical Details


Beau is based on the Central Pacific Railroad's 4-4-0 locomotive No. 60; 'Jupiter'. Through his livery is based on a sister locomotive, No. 63; 'Leviathan'.

Beau has been slightly modified from his basis with buffers above his cowcatcher (which is flatter and shorter to accommodate them) and behind his tender, which also has a screw-link coupling.


Beau's livery is based on the current one worn by the Leviathan, as he is painted silver and red with gold lining. His boiler is painted silver, his cab is brown and his wheels, tender and cowcatcher are red. His name and number are painted on the sides of his tender and cab respectively in yellow. Unlike the Leviathan, his lamp is gold instead of red, as is his dome.


Thomas & Friends


He may appear in the twenty-fourth series.

Music Videos

  • Series 22 - The Journey Never Ends


  • 2018 - Meet the Characters! (does not speak)

Video Games

  • 2018 - Thomas & Friends: Adventures! (does not speak)

Voice Actors

  • Kerry Shale (UK/US)
  • Shoto Kashii (Japan)
  • Tomasz Grochoczynski (Poland)


  • James' temporary headlamp from the fourteenth season episode, James in the Dark is reused for Beau's tail-lamp.
  • He is the fourth engine to have a moustache, the first being Earnest, the second being Iron Duke and the third being Coran.
  • Beau is the second engine to have a coupling on his back, but not on his front, the first being Lady.
  • In prototype biographies of Beau, is is said that Thomas saved him after he was abandoned, however, this is sort of swapped, as Beau saves Thomas after his crash.
  • In early storyboards, Beau is depicted as a grey tank engine with a cowcatcher and diamond spark arrestor, a similar design to Puffa from Thomas & Friends' sister series, TUGS.
  • Beau's name was only seen on the listing for his Wood toy and a promo for Big World! Big Adventures! in the film itself, he goes unnamed.


  • Wood (2018; cancelled; 2019; coming soon)
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