Behavior Colored Card Day is a parody of the GoAnimate videos of dead meat or maybe a user had did good, and it featured a concept of engines getting the best cards by the Fat Controller.

Cards Engines Got (Good Cards)

One Engine Who had a Talk (No confusion or delay)

  • Spencer = Pink (he is in little trouble, not a lot, he will not have a punishment, just a talk).
  • Den and Dart = Maroon (they did the same thing like Spencer did, too as well).
  • Smudger = Teal (he is in little trouble, but not bad).

Cards Engines Got (Again but this Time, Bad Cards)

  • Diesel = Mustard. (he is in trouble for trying to get the steam engines obsolete),
  • Arry = Silver. (he is in trouble for making tricks on Thomas and Emily in Halloween 2004).
  • Bert = Light Silver. (he is in trouble for the same thing with his twin, too).
  • Diesel 10 = Dark Silver. (he is in trouble for being obscene to the steam engines).
  • The Diesel = Silver Black. (he deserves to be in the shed forever, he kept on trying to get the steam engines in trouble and he tried to get them to be scrapped and make them obsolete).
  • Norman = Mustard/Silver and Gray. (he is sent to the dieselworks as his punishment, because he did not learn to act his age).
  • Yeardly = Gray. (he deserves it because he pushed Thomas into a barn and was very rude and pushy).
  • Spaltter = Battleship Gray (he is in a lot of trouble for telling the nice diesels to shut up a-lot and he called them names, too).
  • Bulgy = Black/Gray and White (he deserves to be punished for being an evil bus and called Bertie rude names).
  • Dodge = Bowser Jr. (he made carelessness to the other steamies and nicer diesels).
  • George = Bowser (he was very bad to the railway engines and he did the same thing to Bulgy, too).
  • Dennis = Black (he was too lazy).
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