(The scene shows the Island of Sodor intro in CGI)

Narrator: The Island of Sodor... is surrounded by beautiful blue sea. It has fields of green and sandy yellow beaches. There are rivers... streams... and lots of trees where the birds sing. There are windmills... and a coal mine... and docks where visitors to the Island arrive.

(Steam rises)

(The scene shows Nigel Clarke reading a book from the Rev W Awdry. When the mailbox is heard outside he stops reading)

Nigel Clarke: Hmm. What's that sound outside? (He walks outside and opens the mailbox) New film from Mattel. Hmm.

(Nigel presses a button and is teleported to Mattel Creations)

Nigel Clarke: Wowser. How amazing was that?

(The scene cuts to the Mattel logo and then back to Nigel)

Nigel Clarke: I'm here at Mattel Creations for the premiere of the brand new Thomas & Friends movie, The Secret of the Cave Treasure.

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