The Berk Ironworks, also known as the Berk Steelworks or the Smelter's Yard, is a special company that serves the Island of Berk. 'Sledge and Claw work here.

History and Operations

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The Berk Ironworks is a large metal foundry, where scrap is delivered, melted down and repurposed. It is located south of Killdane, on the Killdane Branch Line.

The main building on the site is a large warehouse known as the Smelter's Shed. Inside the shed are a number of different tracks, a turntable, the manager's office and a large claw known as The "Grabber".

The outside of the ironworks is littered with twisted pieces of scrap metal, including those of old steam engines. Because of this, many of the engines find the Ironworks to be rather spooky, especially so during the night, when falling sparks illuminate scary shadows inside the shed.

When Saya accidentally got lost, he wound up at the ironworks. 'Sledge and Claw, the Ironworks' resident diesel shunters, attempted to scrap him using the "Grabber", but were fortunately stopped just in time by Stoick the Vast.

In Calling All Engines!, 'Arry and Bert, had to sleep in one of the sheds here, due to Mysticons Vicarstown Sheds being rebuilt.

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Thomas & Friends In the Legend In Viking Railway



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