Bertie gets lost is the second episode of Tales on the rails. It was created 16th September 2019.


Bertie the bus works on the island of Sodor. He runs a route that goes alongside Thomas's branchline. Thomas and Bertie often like to race whenever they meet. But Bertie can sometimes be impatient, and sometimes gets him into trouble.

One morning, Thomas was puffing down his branchline when he stopped at the level crossing to let Bertie pass through. Thomas wanted to race Bertie, but Bertie was late and didn't have time to race. Thomas was disappointed.

Thomas: But we always race. Why not now?

Bertie: Buses are very busy. Unlike you engines. We don't need rails. We have roads!

And with that, Bertie zoomed away, leaving Thomas very shocked.

Thomas: Engines are very busy, too.

Annie and Clarabel agreed.

Annie: We can carry more passengers than he can.

Clarabel: And we've proven many times that we're faster.

Thomas: Never mind. We'll race Bertie next time.

Bertie pulled up at the station, where James was waiting to pick up his passengers.

James: What took you so long?

Bertie: I'm a busy bus, I have reason to be late!

James snorted. He didn't think Bertie was very busy.

James: Busy bus? You can barely fit any passengers in you. I can carry ten times the amount of passengers you can, and I work longer, that makes me busier than you. Even ask Sir Topham Hat. I'm sure he will agree with me.

Bertie: You're not busier than me. I'm the busiest thing on Sodor.

James: Engines are much busier and better than buses. We can't get lost.

Bertie: I've never got lost. And I never will.

But Bertie spoke to soon. The next morning, Bertie was late for James' train again.

Bertie: I musn't be late. I musn't be late.

Bertie raced over the level crossing where he spoke to Thomas the day before. Thomas didn't have time to say hello. Bertie was already shooting up the road. Suddenly Bertie saw a turning ahead, that lead into a dark forest.

Bertie: If I take that road, I could get to James quicker, and then i'll prove buses are really useful.

Before his driver could stop him, Bertie turned and took the path to the forest.

Bertie's driver: Wait Bertie, we don't know which way we're going.

Bertie: Don't be silly. I know exactly where to go. Stop talking rubbish.

Bertie's driver was concerned, but he knew he couldn't reason with the impatient bus.

However, Bertie soon realised he was well and truly lost.

Bertie: Where am I? I don't recognise this part of the woods?

Bertie's passengers grumbled and complained. Bertie didn't want to let them down. He tried to keep going, before driving into a muddy marsh. Bertie began to sink.

Bertie: Help!

Bertie's driver: I'll call for help!

It wasn't long before help was there. Thomas and Bertie's friend Terence the Tractor chugged along, and he had brought a rope.

Terence: Look who's stuck. Bertie the busy bus! Now's not the time to be resting in a marsh if you're so busy.

Bertie didn't reply.

Terence: Don't worry. We'll have you out in no time.

The rope was attached to Bertie and Terence gave a firm pull. He strained and strained. Bertie tried to help by driving backwards. At last Bertie was free.

Bertie: Hooray, we did it!

The passengers cheered too.

Passengers: Hooray for Terence and Bertie!

Terence showed Bertie the way to the station, where James was just about to set off.

James: Look who finally decided to turn up. Mr Busy over here!

Bertie: I'm sorry for boasting to you, James. I've just been a silly bus.

James laughed.

James: It happens to the best of us.

Major events

  • Bertie and Terence make their debuts


  • Thomas
  • James
  • Bertie
  • Terence
  • Sir Topham Hat (mentioned)


  • This is the first time a non-rail vehicle appears.
  • Trevor was originally going to be in the script, but Kylebros128 thought Terence would be a better choice, so used him instead.
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