Narrator: Bertie is a cheerful red bus who lives on the Island of Sodor. He & Thomas love to race, & while the two of them are good friends, their competitive nature does lead to them poking fun at each other sometimes. & sometimes, it takes a turn for the worse. Thomas: Ha ha! Beat you again Bertie, really reliable & right on time. It's like i say Bertie, rails are always better than roads. Bertie: That's not quite fair Thomas, remember that time you got stuck in the snow & Terence had to come and save you? & if i remember correctly, it was a certain red bus who- Thomas: Well, i see your point Bertie. But you've broken down many more times than i have. & most of the time, it was me or one of the other engines who had to take your passngers. Plus, i can take far more passengers than you, & i can also pull freight on top of that. Narrator: Than the guard blew his whistle, & it was time for Thomas to leave. Thomas: Buh-Bye Bertie, have fun waiting at the level crossing or whatever you spend your day doing. Narrator: This made Bertie very cross. Bertie: I'm sure i'm more useful than Thomas. I'm sure of it, i'm sure of it! Narrator: But Bertie wasn't sure. He later met Terence the Tractor at the Quarry Tramroad. Terence: What's wrong Bertie? You're not your usual cheerful self. Bertie: It's that Thomas! He was going on & on about how he was so much more useful than me. Terence: But you're useful in your own way Bertie. You help take the passengers to places they can't get by rail. Bertie: I know Terence, i just wanna get back at Thomas for teasing me. Percy: You could get yourself some new parts! I remember when Peter Sam got his special funnel. the other engines teased him at first, but after they realized how useful it was, they became respectfully silent. Bertie: Say, that's a great idea. They just opened up that chemical factory at ffaurquhar. If i crash into it, i might get myself some superpowers! That'd show Thomas who's useful. Percy: W-well i didn't exactly mean that Bertie. Narrator: But Bertie had already raced away. Terence: If there's even a slight chance for him to try doing that, run. Narrator: & so, Percy did. Later, Bertie was racing down the line at ridiculous speeds! Bertie's Driver: Slow down Bertie, you're going to crash! Narrator: But Bertie wasn't listening. Bertie: Faster, faster! Narrator: Bertie turned into the incredible hulk and dabbed on all his haters. The end.

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