Best Of Spencer is a fan-made Thomas and Friends US DVD idea made by Sabrina Jones. It features one Season 7 episode, one Season 8 episode, one Season 10 episode, two Season 11 episodes, four Season 13 episodes, two Season 15 episodes, two Season 16 episodes, one Season 17 episode, and one Season 18 episode.


  1. Gordon and Spencer (Michael Brandon)
  2. Edward the Great (Michael Brandon)
  3. Topped Off Thomas (Michael Brandon)
  4. Emily and the Garbage (Michael Brandon)
  5. Dream On (Michael Brandon)
  6. Creaky Cranky (Michael Brandon)
  7. Tickled Pink (Michael Brandon)
  8. Steamy Sodor (Michael Brandon)
  9. Snow Tracks (Michael Brandon)
  10. O the Indignity (Michael Brandon)
  11. Spencer the Grand (Michael Brandon)
  12. Kevin the Steamie (Michael Brandon)
  13. Whiff's Wish (Michael Brandon)
  14. Welcome Stafford (Michael Brandon)
  15. The Afternoon Tea Express (Michael Brandon)
  16. Spencer's VIP (Michael Brandon)


  • Narrated by Michael Brandon in the US. 
  • Distributed by Hit Entertainment for the US.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Spencer

Back Cover

    • Spencer from "Gordon and Spencer"
    • Spencer sleeping from "Edward the Great"
    • Thomas and Spencer from "Topped Off Thomas"

Cover Color

    • Silver
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