Best of Emily is a DVD featuring episodes.


  1. Emily's New Coaches
  2. What's the Matter with Henry?
  3. Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough
  4. Emily's New Route
  5. As Good as Gordon
  6. Emily's Adventure
  7. Halloween
  8. Emily Knows Best
  9. Emily and the Special Cars
  10. Emily and the Garbage
  11. Excellent Emily
  12. A Blooming Mess
  13. Pingy Pongy Pick Up
  14. Emily and Dash
  15. Emily's Winter Party Special
  16. No Snow for Thomas
  17. Flatbeds of Fear
  18. Emily Saves the World
  19. Snow Place Like Home
  20. Best Engine Ever
  21. Emily in the Middle
  22. Untitled Emily Episode


  • What's the Matter with Henry was shown on this DVD, but Emily got a minor role in this episode.
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